Sassy Assistants was founded by Nis & Sarah (two corporate Executive Assistants) in 2017. Between us, we have a combined experience of over 20 years as business support  professionals / office superstars (because that's what we all are!), mainly in EA/PA roles. We are passionate about the role and value that assistants bring to their companies.

We believe being an assistant is a dynamic and fulfilling career and that the role of administrative professionals has evolved greatly over the last decade or two, now with a much greater scope of opportunities and responsibilities than what was originally set out for support roles. Many assistants, like us, are seen as 'business partners' to their managers, and undertake additional responsibilities such as finance, budgeting, human resources, event & project management, research etc. and are often sounding-boards to their managers and the many decisions they make.

We are regularly now seen as influencers in our businesses and are often instrumental in decision making. This is one of the key differentiations between the Assistant of today and the role they played some 10-20 years ago.  As our roles & responsibilities continue to evolve, and depending on which industry you work in, what company and boss you work for, the scope of our role changes and we learn to adapt quickly to be whatever we need to be to make the role successful. This is one of the most identifying traits of an assistant – being adaptable and a people-pleaser!

With the role of assistants evolving so rapidly, we found that there isn't much out there in the way of support & education to help and prepare us for the dynamic careers we have. With the nature of our roles being to provide support to either a single manager or team, we are often the only assistant within close proximity and the only one who does what we do - so support from our peers isn't always something we have close to hand on a day-to-day basis. 

We believe building relationships with peers, learning from each other and having a supportive network is extremely important to our career, development and morale as assistants, which is why we created Sassy Assistants - to provide a supportive & empowering community network for assistants across all industries where we can support each other, learn and grow through development, training and social events.

We’d love you to join us and be a part of an empowering and supportive community.



Genuine–Be You | Respect–Be Nice

Integrity–Be Real | Support–Be There

Community–Have FUN